What does autism look like in an adult?


Remember, that autism is not a disorder that can be observed only in young children or those who are beginning to go to school. Autism also affects adults, and in their case it is much more difficult to define because it manifests in hundreds of ways and can take many forms. One thing is certain – you will never meet two people who are suffering from exactly the same form of autism.

Everyone has their own world

While this is basically true, for adults with autism it can be a bit different. There are cases of people who decided to stop speaking as children and persist in this decision even in their adult life. As a matter of fact, some people may have no need to communicate verbally with the world, and they have the right to behave accordingly. They may communicate in a different way – for example, writing on a computer or using art. Among various online records you can find thousands of interesting stories, each one different, each one unique. People with autism often discover their favourite activities in childhood, and when they reach adulthood, they are able to turn their interests into a professional passion. Many of them are also very ambitious and want to succeed whether at studies or at an interesting and challenging job. Autism is not a sentence.

Adults with autism in Poland

In Poland any sort of otherness, any departure from a very rigidly perceived norm can still be stigmatized. You can still meet with some weird behaviour and strange reactions to autism
. Anyone visibly different from the “norm” could be treated as a sensation.


  1. It’s a strange country if people there still don’t understand autism and similar conditions. I wonder if it’s like that everywhere?

  2. But you know what? Actually it’s difficult for me to imagine a grown man with autism. A child, fine, but an adult?

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