Weighted blanket: what difference does it make?

Weighted blanket is not a brand new invention in therapy methods. As a matter of fact it exists for quite a few decades, but lately it is getting more and more popular. There are many reasons for this to be known widely in many communities.

First of all weighted blankets work in a very simple way and the history tells us that the more simple the idea is, the better it works. Weighted blanket is a kind of quilt with additional weight. There is no such thing as an universal size or weight of a blanket like this – that kind of quilt always has to be custom made. This is the only way to make sure that it works properly. And this is crucial, as long as it has to work as a therapy tool.

There are many fields that you can use weighted blanket in. It is proved to be useful in many disorders treatment, for example in therapy of people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, as well as children affected by ADHD and finally – people struggling with autism or Asperger syndrome.

These last two mentioned disorders are similar in a way. Both of them are described by having problems with nonverbal communication and basically feeling unsafe in situations when a person affected by one of these disorders is being touched in any way.

Instead of smothering a troubled person with a hug, you can just give them a weighted blanket. Such quilt with extra weight give the muscles a gentle pressure and thanks to that they are able to relax. This is crucial not only for a good rest, but also for a good mood. It definitely helps to cope with the disorder.

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