Speaking out about emotions

Speaking out about emotions

Oh, many people have trouble with talking about their own emotions and feelings. People from autistic spectrum are no different, or maybe even a bit worse. However, it can be fixed and actually it should be, because in your life your offspring will meet a lot of people whom will need to be made aware of her or his feelings and the reasons for it.

Yes, it’s better said than done, but even if the task of talking about feelings and their causes proves hard, do not give up. Never forget to talk about yet another meltdown. Inquire: what exactly happened in your child’s mind and why?

You may do that by simple statements with no emotional load and simple questions. Let’s start with: “So this evening in the shop you had a meltdown. How did you feel? Why? What was the reason for that?”

Obviously, it may be a hard task to talk with an younger child about that, but it’s definitely worth a try, especially if it allows your child to have an insight into their emotions. It also helps you in understanding how their kind works and predicting another possible reasons of meltdown.

It is important your children realizes he or she has the full right to feel bad and have a meltdown, however they also need to be aware of the fact that there are ways to deal with such emotions and the they should discover their own way that makes them calm and feel good.

As they grow up, they will notice more reasons of their emotional moments and subconsciously or more consciously will try to deal with them for the sake of the rest of the humanity, however, it is still a process that should be supported by the parents.


  1. Yeah, it happens, no worries though, it seems like you did start noticing what makes you go into meltdown mode, huh?

  2. I remember when I was a child I used to have so many meltdowns, Icant even imagine how my parents felt :/

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