Sensory integration therapy: autism and Asperger syndrome

Sensory integration therapy is proved to be helpful in many cases. People use it all over the world, dealing with many disorders, for example dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, dysortography. This kind of therapy is also used in other cases – it has a positive effect on children suffering from Down syndrome, ADHD cerebral palsy and also Asperger syndrome or autism.

This kind of therapy is based on working on proper experiencing the world with the use of senses. When it comes to autism and Asperger syndrome, the biggest problem seems to be about the touch – since people affected by these disorders are struggling with nonverbal communication. In practice this means that they might have problems with any single touch of another person. What a healthy person considers a nice warm hug, people suffering from autism or Asperger syndrome might see as smothering.

People affected by Aspeger syndrome and autism seem confused and lost in the world. It is hard to help such a person and make sure they feel secure. Nevertheless it is very important – feeling safe is a basic need that every human being craves for.

As a part of sensory integration therapy people use so called weighted blanket. This kind of quilt has some additional weight, appropriate for its user, that helps the muscles relax and generally sooths the mind. This gives the person nice feeling that can be described as safety. This certainly helps the troubled person deal with day-to-day issues.

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