How to prepare a child with autism for the first day at school?


Do you think thay the day when your child for the first time will leave home and will start education, will be one of the most difficult for you? Try to imagine what your child must feel. However, you can make this great event easier for him if you prepare early enough.

The most important thing is to be prepared for the class

You can ask future class teacher for photos of the staff and teachers you will be interacting with, then show your child pictures and tell him who are they and what is their part at school. Also explain how to use all available school supplies so that you do not have to worry about them during lessons or to difficult or unclear situations for your child. The interpreter of the child is also a question of the time elapsed or between the breaks of the lesson, to give a hint of what they can do for themselves. A school plan will also be useful to mark all important rooms so that the child will not lose sight of the orientation. Just like the lesson plan – well, to be always at hand. You will also need to familiarize your child with the dressing or disassembling scheme, placing clothes in the designated area, but also for example unscrewing bottles or boxes with breakfast. Do not give up on technical news or turnips, if you have the opportunity. Also find a good way to cope with remembering lessons – for example a voice recorder. Most importantly – never stop practicing these new skills.


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