How does a child with autism learn?


Although until recently, the idea that an autistic child should definitely go only to a special school, because it will be there under the appropriate care – in every respect. Today, however, this opinion is replaced by another – if a child is to participate in normal life among other people who do not have autism, it must be familiar with this world from the youngest years – so it is best since school time. Of course, everything can happen, because the issues of teaching and understanding in the case of autistic children are very eagerly described by professionals as non-harmonious. This means that even a child with an average quotient of intelligence need not have the slightest problem solving math problems. Another problem may arise in case, for example, descriptions of whether to work out the Polish language, issues of interpretation of literary works. There is no regulation – each child develops individually and otherwise, and learning problems, if any, occur once, that can be really different, two, can after some time simply disappear.

Each student is individual

In the case of children with autism waiting for their parents usually really a large dose of various surprises. Sometimes the child will be interested in a single issue, for example chess game in which it will be sensational, but achievements in this field will in no way be translated into his achievements or mathematical assessment, on the contrary. You also have to remember that the first grade of primary will not be difficult, because the amount of material and its difficulty is not too much. The farther into the woods, the more material you need, the better the motive and a lot of patience, but all you have to do with a little willingness and self-denial.

Two kinds of thinking

People have two kinds of thinking – and it refers literally to every human being, hence the division of so-called squeegees and humanists, that is, people who think mathematically – by manipulating solids and models and those who think verbally, mainly by painting. This way we can find and detect the difference between engineers and IT professionals who feel great in the world of mathematics and figures or solids, but can not imagine other abstract events or objects and writers or artists who do not necessarily feel good in the world. mathematical calculations and the need to solve complex cases involving numbers. Also children with autism will follow these patterns well in dealing with one or the other. There may also be periods in which a child who usually does not deal with mathematics will suddenly start earning a fifth. If we do not want to miss an important moment as parents, we should keep an eye on the top children as soon as they start school.


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