How autistic child copes at school?


At the moment parents have a child diagnosed with autism, at some point in life, there is the issue of sending him to school, and a lot of worries about how a child at school can handle it – not so much with science, because those deficiencies can always be traced in some way. . It is much more important to establish relationships with peers and their approach, as well as to be aware of autism, so that they can appropriately treat a person with such a condition. Otherwise, the child with autism will become even deeper in his or her own world to avoid or notice the unwillingness or signs of hostility from his classmates. It is not always possible and even here some time ago even the teachers were able to react appropriately to inappropriate behavior on the part of their peers. Is today different?

Why is it difficult for other children to accept a peer with autism?

It is impossible to hide that the autistic child behaves in a very specific way, not necessarily understandable especially for younger children who, if they do not have adequate knowledge about autism, can be just as abrasive to such a child. Children with autism strongly prefer loneliness and their own company – they feel the best and feel free, so they are not necessarily willing to participate in all sorts of fun with other children. Children with this condition usually smile, their facial expressions usually also do not show any clear emotions, so it is difficult to talk to them – the drone technician by this lack of speech can be uncomfortable. It is also hard for eye contact with such a child, preferring contact with objects than with other people. He does not usually react to his name, but sometimes he is overprobdlie or even impulsive, he is angry or even aggressive without a clear reason, usually he does not speak well, and if he does not, he uses random words . It also happens that it does not respond to pain (which easily harms him) and, on the other hand, is sensitive and does not react responsively to both the touch and the sounds. He does not behave like a typical child and therefore has a difficult start in school.

Autistic child in normal school

Although at the time of detection of the disease parents first they want to take a child only to specialists and surround them with the best possible medical care, but in practice the best medicine for an autistic child is staying in a normal school where it is not isolated from their peers and from the normal world, which surely must live. Good caregivers, wise teachers, lots of love and understanding – this is today the best medicine that no one, even the best doctor, can provide.


  1. Such children should necessarily go to “normal” schools – it is also a great lesson of respect and tolerance for other children.

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