Does my child have Savant syndrome?

Many parents look for the silver lining in their children’s disabilities. For example, you may expect that your autistic child has also the Savant syndrome, which leads to a person being a genius in one area of study.

What are the kinds of Savant syndrome?

The most common type of Savant syndrome is a calendrical savant. If your autistic child is a calendrical savant, he or she will be able to calculate which day of the week was or will be on any given date.

Other savants can do difficult mathematical calculations very fast or play classical music and compose astounding melodies. But the truly genius savants who can perform on a world level are few and far between. It is estimated that there are less than a hundred.

Other special abilities of children with autism

Autistic children are able to focus very intently on whatever interests them, even to the point of obsession. This kind of interest allows your child to learn something very fast and quickly become very good at it. It may not be the same as Savant syndrome, but it also gives your child something he or she can be proud of and can develop to make it into a professional qualification in their adult life.

Even if you believe that your child’s passion is childish and shouldn’t be pursued, don’t curb his interest! And don’t humiliate her for liking what she likes! This kind of passion can be a starting point for developing healthy self-esteem.


  1. My son loves dinosaurs and he’s almost seventeen. But we never stopped him from pursuing this interest. I don’t know if anything practical will come out of it, but it gives him joy and that’s the only thing that matters to us.

  2. That’s true that proper savants are very rare… But it doesn’t mean that your child is worth less if he or she isn’t a savant!

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