Consequences of consequence

Consequences of consequence

Most of the articles with tips for parents contain at least one sentence about how nice it is to behave consequently. It is apparently a general advice good for all children but most especially it is good for children with autistic spectrum disorders. In the midst of their disorder they actually mostly love to have some order in their life. It is especially true for those diagnosed with Asperger’s.

However, what does exactly it mean — to behave consequently? Well, it’s mostly about those little details and promises. If you tell the child that in 5 minutes you are going to take a bath, don’t make it 10 minutes just because you watched too much of YouTube and did not notice the time passing by. The child will not only be confused, but will be less likely to try to be on time with her or his future activities.

Behaving consequently means also fulfilling your promises. Even the meanest ones. That means no joking about big bad Santa Claus that is going to take the child away if they do not eat theirs meal. If they actually don’t eat it and nothing of that sort happens, they will be confused and they will believe you less which means that in future if you promise something, it may have way lesser effect on your child.

Also, dont promise things you don’t have. What is the point in behaving correctly after being promised a candy if you do not receive it or you are told it’s unhealthy anyway? Go back to your childhood and think how many times you felt disappointed because your parents forgot about the promise given you or disregarded it, considering it as something not that important anyway. That wasn’t a nice feeling, huh?

In any case, good luck with behaving consequently. But if you will make an effort, it will surely have a good effect in the future.


  1. Yup, I guess it’s good to introduce timetables to the child, it may help them, but let’s also remember they’re just children 🙂

  2. my child totally has to have a plan of his day, where we write down that 12 o’clock is time for play and 13 o’clock is time for a nap and if we adhere to this thing it’s all okay really

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