Autism in everyday situations

Autism in everyday situations

The parents of autistic children often complain that they cannot take their offspring anywhere because it usually ends with some sort of meltdown. While it may be true, it’s also important to realise that child that is stuck home at all times may not be the best idea as well. The fact that child hates restaurants and reacts with instant meltdowns after entering the place doesn’t mean they will have to avoid the restaurants their entire life. That’s absurd.

So what shall I do, you ask? The idea is that you can get your child used to some kind of places like restaurants, malls and so on, by patiently and slowly getting him comfortable in the place. It may be for example an everyday trip to the mall, where you will not enter it but rather look at people entering and exiting it. With time you’ll be able to enter with child when it eventually determines it may not be dangerous to enter this building.

You also may call a restaurant beforehand and make sure that you will be given a table far away from other people or with a specific kind of view that may calm down your agitated child. Also make sure they will not have problems with a potential meltdown.

Obviously, each child may have different requirements so they may get comfortable in a given place but it doesn’t mean it is not possible. It just means there’s a lot of hard work in front of you. And if you instantly give up then it will have an effect on future social activities of your child. It’s really better to get them acquainted with all kind of places used for social gathering earlier than later because most certainly it will be useful later in their life.


  1. Yeah well I started hating restaurants since my autistic child started hating them… But I guess we gotta work on that one.

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