Autism and emotions

Many people believe the stereotype that people with autism don’t feel any emotions. This is not only a false but also a very hurtful belief. So, do people with autism feel emotions? And why don’t they express them? Or maybe they do, only we’re unable to perceive them?

Social skills

People with autism are usually very withdrawn. They don’t engage in social interactions easily. And they do better with objects than with people.

They very often lack the social aptitude and thus can have difficulty functioning in relationships with other people. Social skills include the ability to express emotions in a socially acceptable way and to communicate with other people using the same language. People with autism, however, often lack these social skills. That is why it may seem as if they don’t feel any emotions when in reality they just fail to express them.

Emotions and meltdowns

Autistic meltdowns actually prove that people with autism have normal emotions. Sometimes, the load of unexpressed emotions can be so huge that an autistic child or even an adult will explode. This is called a meltdown. They are especially difficult for the person’s family and friends because they are unexpected.

So, what can you do? First thing, try to communicate to your child that expressing emotions is OK. In some families, there is still a lot of repressions and trying to prove that emotions aren’t good.

Next, observe closely, how your child communicates emotions. This may be tricky. You’ll be looking for unusual signs, maybe some nervous ticks, or small changes in behaviour.


  1. Even plants have emotions… And autism isn’t like being a psycho.. I don’t get why people still think that autism means no emotions.

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